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Love  |  Laughter  |  Unity


Meet The Owner

You may find me alongside the beach digging my toes in the sand, while listening to the waves crash and the winds blow.


You may find me at the stump of a beautiful oak tree, where the arch of it’s branch creates shade as I embark the journey of whatever captivating book in my hand.

Or you may even find me in the kitchen, with my apron that inspires the nationality for the dish of the night.


The options are endless. 

Who am I exactly? Well, that’s still to be determined. 

But at this very moment, I’ve realized myself to be a woman grounded in love, laughter, and unity that I’d like to share with you. 

I'm Megan Lipsey 


Creator of The WoodBook Collection

The Wood Book Collection, Final.png

Meet Sarah

and Baby Jackson

I worked as a Physical Therapy Tech and each day I was assigned to a licensed Physical Therapist. (Sarah). After working with Sarah for many months, a friendship formed that proceeded to me getting an invitation to help welcome & celebrate the newest addition to their family, Baby Jackson). Upon request to bring baby books for the development of Little Jackson’s library, I’d already had in mind to put books in the gift, but their prices and my budget were on two different pages. I figured I’d make my own and let it be the focal point of my gift.

A few days later, I just so happened to be in a store where I came across a wooden plank posing as a picture frame but in my mind I saw… book covers! I purchased two because they were well within my budget and used the supplies laying around my house to hand write and illustrate, “Little Boy Jack”. 

When Sarah unwrapped her gift, she unleashed a love and joy so powerful it filled the room; nearly bringing her to tears. Once I saw what one book had done for one family, I wanted to create the same opportunity for families all across the world!

So I went home and dove into the world of wood where I’ve handmade, written, and illustrated what I introduce to you as

The WoodBook Collection


An authentic keepsake from me, to you.

notebook paper.png
colored pencil stroke.png
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To Sarah,

Without you inviting me to your shower, none of this would be. Thank you for being a great teacher, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be an even greater mom!


 Your coolest tech, 



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